Use of the Field Centre

The active intention of the Field Centre is focused on education and trans-disciplinary research arising out of the work of Rudolf Steiner’s Spiritual Science. The aim will be to have three sponsored research chairs, workshops and the MSc in Practical Skills Therapeutic Education.

The three research chairs will be:

  • Biodynamic Agriculture the impact of the biodynamic farm for restorative human development.
  • Therapeutic Education - the opportunities that practical skills therapeutic education provide for human autonomy.
  • Consciousness Studies – the contemporary language of the Philosophy of Freedom.

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Other activities include – but are not limited to – the development of teaching, learning and research in the following areas:

  1. Research Methodologies
  2. Therapeutic Education
  3. Waldorf Adult Education
  4. Anthroposophic Medicine
  5. Biodynamic Agriculture
  6. Nutrition and Food Quality and Security
  7. Crafts and Arts
  8. Outdoor Practical Skills
  9. Goethean Science and Phenomenology
  10. Social Ecology
  11. Value-based and Holistic Leadership and Management
  12. Epistemology and Consciousness Studies

Further and Higher Education

The Field Centre will be a place for international further and higher education. Through partnerships with Crossfields Institute and affiliated organizations, Alanus University (Germany), Rudolf Steiner University College (Norway) and Rudolf Steiner College (USA), the Hiram Institute is currently building capacity to develop a series of further and higher education programmes.

Courses are already opening up to the general public and the overall aim is that the centre will be a platform for a diverse portfolio of subjects and learning models for students and researchers from all cultures and walks of life.

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